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DIY Wizard Lamp (Magic Wand-Activated)
DIY Wizard Lamp (Magic Wand-Activated)
DIY Wizard Lamp (Magic Wand-Activated)

DIY Wizard Lamp (Magic Wand-Activated)

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Make a magic wand activated light!  Even Merlin had to start somewhere.

With a tap of your magic wand you turn your wizard light on and off.  You are magic!

Learn the magic of computer programming through this do-it-yourself (DIY) electronics project where you assemble and program a magic wand-activated mood light that has thousands of colours and effects, which you learn how to control and change.

Sold at a discounted rate when combined with "Design My Wand" or "Paint-your-own Magic Wand."

This project comes flat packed and with all components and you bring this project to life with the help of written instructions, video tutorials, and an online code repository for learning extensions.  It will work out-of-the box with a pre-programmed light behaviour, but the real fun comes when you change the code to the light colour, pattern, and brightness of your choosing.

We've included all the cables, instructions and diagrams for you to get going; but you will need to bring your imagination, cleverness, and persistence to the table.  Have some fun!  Nobody likes a wet banshee.


This is a brand new product so the images and videos show the development and making of-- we are making this to ship our first orders. Final product may vary slightly in look and appearance.  We've started producing at-home magical products in response to the Coronovirus pandemic, so please bear with us as we get our first orders out into the world!


  • Magic wand sensor with pre-soldered jumper wires
  • Programmable, colour changing LED with pre-soldered jumper wires
  • Nano ATmega328P 5V 16M Micro Controller Board
  • Mini USB Cord for programming and power
  • Flat packed wooden cube 
  • Online resources for coding and learning extensions


  • MAGIC WAND (sold separately. Pairs only with Design My Wand or Paint-your-own Magic Wand)
  • Screwdriver
  • Glue
  • 5v USB power source
  • Computer to change LED colour or effects
  • A good sense of fun


This light is a cube that measures 5.9" (150mm) on each side.




The lamp is made from laser-cut wooden ply and consists of a programmable LED Light with thousands of colour options and effects, white acrylic, a power cord, and instructions. 


Our magic wands are not really magic.  It's science.  But science is the magic of our world, so it's all a matter of perspective, I suppose.

Warning!  Not suitable for children under 36 months - small parts. choking hazard.

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